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GIVEAWAY For Pappy’s Simple Livin’

I will make this as simple as possible 🙂

I will be giving away two products of the winner’s choice from my Etsy site.

Add the two items you like as Etsy favorites and leave the two items in the comments below. That counts as two entries.

Next go to my and “Like” it. Leave a comment on the page.

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That counts as two entries.

Also if you have a blog you can share the giveaway on your blog for another two entries.

Lastly, post this blog entry on your facebook for another two entries 🙂

Thanks and GOOD LUCK!! Check back ofter. I m planning to do TWO giveaways per month of different items that I am reviewing, etc. 🙂


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Discussing REAL Food..

fresh produce 1

real food 1

I have been really getting into more and more research. Having a background in athletics and nutrition I have always prided myself on the fact that I try to offer my family the best that I can.

That means striving for homegrown. Avoiding the drive thru. And more. However, there are so many that continue to circle this mountain unwittingly. Stuck in the seemingly never ending merry-go-round of life. Caught among life’s stresses. The business. The fatigue. The confusion.

I mean, what is healthy? Used to it was simple. Eating at home you knew you were eating healthy. Whether the food came from your backyard, the neighbor, or the neighborhood store; it was good. Sadly, it is not so cut and dried anymore.

I have been torn on how (and if) to even do this blog. My inconsistent ramblings are hardly even worth the time it takes to type it out. However, I long to make it useful.

Maybe by using my education. My anger. My fear. My concerns. I can put it to use? We will see. But I see the need.I have been volunteering my time for a while now teaching people how to transform their health through food. Not with some magic pill, but with what God has provided us.

I see the aching every week. Like children they drink in what I have to say. Some of them grasp it and like fledglings expand their wings and attempt to fly on their own. However, others are afraid of falling, and cling to me.

So maybe that is what I will do (along with adding some other aspects of my life…from my hubby’s romantic ideas of the perfect anniversary slaughtering turtles, to some real life tips from my home). I would love to have your input.

I think tomorrow I will begin with explaining somethings that need to be explained. To open the eyes that need opened…


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