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Homemade Orange Vinegar Cleaning Wipes


I have seen homemade cleaners all over the internet for a while now, and I have been making them. 

I love it.

What is not to love about making  cleanser for pennies?? 

So I  thought about it trying to make some easy cleaning wipes wit it…like Lysol Wipes only not poison.

My mother-in-law gave me one of her empty Lysol cleaning wipes containers, and I washed it out.  I separated paper towels and rolled them down in there. I took my prepared, strained orange cleaning solution and poured some over the paper towel in the container…wah-la…cleaning wipes.

I even took a paint pen and wrote Homemade Orange Vinegar Cleaning Wipes on the container. Totally optional..but I wanted to 🙂 I wanted to make sure no one thought I was cheating on my chemical free home with Lysol Wipes. 😉


If you don’t know how to make the cleanser it is simple…

Orange Vinegar Solution

  • orange peels (or any citrus peels, lemon, grapefruit, lime)
  • white vinegar
  • mason jar
  • lid

Place the peels in a mason jar. Cover with vinegar. Seal for a few weeks. 

Simple huh?

It makes itself.

Then all you do is place the solution in a spray bottle, or make homemade cleaning wipes like above. 

Technically you could do it super cheap and cut up old t-shirts to use in place of the paper towels. I haven’t tried to do it yet, but I am planning to. 

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Saving Money, Being Frugal…Even If You Try To Homestead

Smile and enjoy the flowers.

Growing up I always heard cliche phrases such as: “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”, or ” Waste not, want not”.

Of course, being a teenager, and at my “peak” of all-knowing wisdom; I would roll my eyes, and mutter.

I was not raised during the depression…but I felt like it sometimes.

We were thrifty before thrifty was cool.

Nowadays, many people are finding themselves with less and less money.

Now, that is not always a bad thing…money can do terrible things to people, but we do need some.

That being said, there are ways to save money without “feeling the pain”.

I am not going to bore you with my lack of knowledge on the financial world. However, I would like to challenge you.

I, in fact, am challenging myself.

It is easy to think you need this, that, and the other. But do you?

What if you wrote down you ACTUAL needs, and refused to buy ANYTHING outside of that. A spending diet, per say.

Well, I am.


I will tell you.

We need a new van. We do not like car payments. So far our savings have been rather pathetic toward this purchase, because just like everyone else in the world…living costs money.

Now I consider myself a frugal gal. Not cheap. Frugal.

However, I am far from perfect. And, looking over our budget I believe I can find some extra dough by going on a spending diet.

In for the next few days I will be writing out my bills, and for the next 30 days I will spend on NOTHING else.

Now I do realize that 30 days will not get me in my new van..however, it may be enough to figure out how to tighten my purse strings a tad more.

Now I do realize not everyone lives on a farm, and has access to their own animals, and crops. But, if nothing else make a NEEDS list and stick to it. You may be surprised on how much you can save. Not to mention, wasting money is not a good way to use what God has given us.

Speaking of which…tithes are important.

Also, I am not saying don’t eat. I have enough food to live off of for 30 days++++, not everyone does..I realize that.

I am meaning things like:

  • that coffee out
  • a quick bite through the drive through
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • ANYTHING that is not NEEDED


I also realize when you try to homestead..there are expenses that are a must. Animals have to eat too. That needs to be added o the NEED list.

No matter what you could use a few extra bucks for..attempt to go on a spending hiatus except for necessities.

As always, homemade food is more economical…not to mention better for you! Even if you are busy, with planning you can make every meal homemade. Another bonus of cooking homemade is you can make a meal out of almost anything.

Anyone with me? Lets challenge each other!


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