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DIY Rustic Key Holder


We needed a key holder.


For some reason we have approximately 1.2345 million keys.

Why we don not key everything the same…I don’t know.

However, we don’t.

So…I needed a key holder. 

I had seen some at the primitive shops that I scope out, however my budget does not allow for such things.

Making this type of a key holder is super easy.

First all you need is a scrap piece of wood. 

Paint it a solid color (in this case mine was painted black).

Allow it to dry.

Paint a solid color( in this case I had some leftover egg shell), while it is still wet apply a layer of white school glue liberally.

Allow to dry, an it will crackle.

MAKE SURE the paint is still WET or it will not crackle!

I did not take step by step pics, because I wasn’t planning to post this until my daughter said I should.

I guess I need to start taking pics of everything I do while I am doing it, just in case. Call me the paparazzi. 

After everything is dry attach your embellishments, in this case old door knobs and keys. (That is what the one I saw at the shop had too, and I just so happened to have old knobs and keys…yay!)




After that is done, spray it or paint it with polyurethane to seal the deal.

Then hammer ya a few nails in (mine were old cast offs) that the keys can hang from.


On the back put a wire  loop to hang it with (I use galvanized wire).

There ya easy key hanger!



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Easy DIY Rustic Shelf From an Old Chair


I LOVE primitive decor.

I heart it…I truly do.

It hearts me back…I just know it.

However, it does not heart my budget.

Actually…thanks to Obama World…nothing hearts my budget anymore…SIGH…but I won’t start getting all political on ya!

Anyway…I have been eyeballing this cute shelf from a nearby primitives shop. It is super cute, and it wanted me to take it home. But….it was $55!!! 

So….I decided I would make one myself. 

It surprisingly was pretty easy, and it turned out pretty well (if I do say so myself) …and the best part was it was FREE. 

I love free.

Especially when I can use power tools and as a bonus freak my husband out as I walk toward the house pulling a wagon full of them 🙂

We have been married long enough he knows to be a little nervous about that. Ya just never know what I have decided that I can do.:-) Haha

Well ….I took an old chair…sawed the legs off….sawed half of the seat of and sanded the whole thing.

I drew some sad lookin stars on the top of the chair, but that is the beauty of primitives,,,it still works.

To cut out the stars I took a saw (that I have no idea what the name of it is but it pokes in and out …lol…sorry not a carpenter..and hubby is at work…). I sanded the stars too.

Next I took some leftover antique white paint and slapped a coat on it.

I let it dry, and took some wax stain that I had and rubbed some on here and there, and sanded some ares for “wear”.

I let it set overnight, and wah-la. I have me a free shelf that in my opinion looks pretty darn close to the $55 one!

Hubby thinks it is “fine”.. but ..”doesn’t get why I wanna hang a chair on the wall” but…he has no decorative taste so I don’t care 🙂

I like it.



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