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Yummy Gluten Free Brownies


“Gluten free” has definitely become a buzz word, to say the least.

First of all let me state, I do not think gluten is evil. I do not think that foods containing gluten cannot be in  a healthy, natural diet.

We do a lot of gluten free because of Jayelyn, the 14-year old.

After battling asthma from the time she was 2 years old, she has been symptom-free for over to years now. Why? Because we have removed gluten, and all dairy (but RAW dairy) from her diet.

That was a journey that I will share one day in full. A long, long, Long, LONG journey.

So anyway…Gluten free Brownies. Yum.

I love brownies.

They are delicious.

A brownie with a cup of coffee, and I am a happy girl.

The recipe is super easy.

Yummy Gluten Free Brownies

1/2 C. organic sugar

1/2 C. cocoa powder

1/3 C. organic coconut oil

1/2 C. organic coconut flour

1/2 tsp. vanilla

4 eggs

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a medium sauce pan, melt to coconut oil, and stir in cocoa.

Remove from heat, and add sugar, and vanilla.

Stir completely.

Stir in eggs, and add in coconut flour.

Grease an 8×8 baking dish, and pour batter in.

Bake for about 30 ish minutes, depending on your oven.

Cool, and cut.

These are an easy, an quick dessert for anyone that is on a gluten free diet (or if you just like brownies, like me 🙂 )

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Weekend Project: A Potting Bench From Pallets


It was a busy weekend…seems like it always is. 

Not to mention busy all week long, but I am not complaining..there is something that can be said about being busy.

We did accomplish a few things. You know how it goes…you make a list that has about a million to-do items, and consider it an accomplishment to cross a few off the list.

One thing that we did get done is an item that has been on my “honey-do” list for quite a while. It took a little…persuading….ahem…but Chad (hubby) helped me get a potting bench put together from old pallets. 

It turned out pretty good..if I do say so myself. The kids helped me paint it, and it is now at home on my back deck.

As usual..we didn’t really draw any plans…I just looked at a few potting benches that you can buy, and we made it our own 🙂

I like it. It will come in handy around here. 

I also had a big job ahead of me this weekend in the kitchen.

Canning, freezing, and the like.

Yep..squirreling away the bounty…


We had someone give us some cucumbers (a little far gone..but they were free, so I gladly took them). 

Anytime I get “overgrown” cucumbers I make relish with them.

The relish is good on meatloaf sandwiches, or whatever else floats your boat. 

Dilly Relish

  • a few overgrown cukes
  • 1/2-1 small onion, diced
  • white vinegar
  • canning salt
  • fresh dill
  • black peppercorns

To make the relish:

Dice the cukes up in small pieces. Add to a bowl.

Add the diced onion. 

Take canning jars and add the veggie mixture to the jars to fill.

Fill the jars 3/4 way full with the vinegar, add some fresh dill, 1 tsp. salt (for a qt.), and a few peppercorns.

Top off with water. You can refrigerate to use fresh, or hot bath them to preserve them.

I don’t have exact measurements. This is a made up recipe. I am a eye-baller. It’s just how I roll. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

In addition to the massive cucumbers, you can probably see that I got some peppers.

I pickled them. Alyssa (my 13 year old daughter) loves them pickled.

Our peaches, blueberries, and cherries came in as well.

I canned the peaches…


The blueberries, and sour cherries I just froze so that went pretty quick. 

Like always I struggle to “be okay” with what we accomplished… I am the Queen of Unrealistic Expectations…just ask my hubby 😉

We did get some things accomplished though, and I am thankful for that. 

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Making Red Clover Tinctures

I love  herbs. I love using what God has given us to help our bodies. I make tinctures.

Yes, I am one of “those people”.

I will not apologize for it. Natural healing gets a big ol’ “AMEN” around here.

That being said, while I do promote allowing the body to heal itself…I do believe that there are times when conventional medicine in needed. But, that is in severe cases.

So…anyway…back to tinctures…

I make tinctures.

I have for years.

Now they are becoming fashionable.

I love being fashionable.

Sure, sometimes I end up staying in what I slept in all day long.

Sure sometimes I am outside covered in anonymous animal poo.

But, then I make a tincture..and I feel fashionable. I take what I can get. Don’t judge me.

This tincture is one I started a few weeks ago.

Me and two of the younger kids, Cade-4, and Kyla-8 (the makeshift dog from yesterdays post), gathered red clover flowers.

I placed them into a mason jar, covered them with vegetable glycerin, put a lid on it, labeled it with the date and what it was, and put it in a dark pantry closet.

I shook it once everyday for three weeks (you can leave it up to six weeks I was just running low on this tincture).

You can also use 90 proof alcohol, but since I was making this for the kids the sweeter taste from vegetable glycerin is preferred.

(Just a side note on the alcohol. We do not drink alcohol. Tinctures are taken in a small dose. Just like you would take a cough medicine…which contains alcohol. Nuff said.)

Anyway…at the end of the three weeks I got out a clean mason jar, and my funnel with a straining attachment (if you don’t have a straining attachment you can use cheesecloth). I dumped in the jar that contained the red clover, glycerin mixture. It looked like this:



Okay, it’s not yummy. However, it is good for a whole host of things, including; coughs, and upset stomach.

The flowers can be steeped into a tea, and are tasty this way. But, the medicinal properties are more concentrated in a tincture.


The liquid will look amber colored. A little like maple syrup. I love maple syrup. This does not taste like maple syrup.

Take a wooden spoon and press the juices out of the herbs.

(Once it is strained I compost the leftovers. You can discard them anyway that floats your boat)

You are left with the amber colored liquid.

Place a cap on it, label it, and place it in the fridge (tastes better cold to the kiddos if they have to take it).

There ya go…easy peasy.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. You are responsible for your own health, and the health of your children. I am a believer in natural remedies. I am not telling you to believe.

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