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Still alive..just been REALLY BUSY!! But, I have exciting news!

Tinctures and Salves 2

Well, I disappeared…I know. Yes, we have been doing ALL kinds of stuff around here let me tell you! And, MORE to do!! But, I have some VERY exciting news! I opened my business!! Pappy’s Simple Livin’. I picked the name because of my grandpa, better known as Pappy, and the fact that I aim to help people get back to a more simple life. Now, that doesn’t mean that I do not enjoy SOME things of this era (as in the internet…I do), but I believe that people should be able to sustain themselves if need be.

In addition to starting my business, I also started teaching a nutrition class on Wed at our church. It feels great to “work” in my field again. Although it is a volunteer class, getting to help people with improving their health through better nutrition, and helping them with fitness is AWESOME! What i even better is the biblical applications that go right along with it.

So with that said, I just created a new blog for Pappy’s Simple Livin’ that  will keep you updated on my business ventures from  I just created it , so give me time to get everything loaded.

Also, I am planning to use this blog for my class to, so expect to see regular posts on here. I will be providing more herbal tips, sustainable living tips, nutrition tips (I have a degree), fitness tips (I am a certified trainer), as well as ramblings… SO EXCITED!! Feel free to give me post ideas if there is anything that you are interested in, or if you have health/nutrition/fitness concerns, or questions!!

Also, feel free to check out my etsy store, I will be adding more, and more products in the next few weeks! I wil be planning MORE announcements! Giveaways and MORE! So share, and check back!!



Maria ❤


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Making Red Clover Tinctures

I love  herbs. I love using what God has given us to help our bodies. I make tinctures.

Yes, I am one of “those people”.

I will not apologize for it. Natural healing gets a big ol’ “AMEN” around here.

That being said, while I do promote allowing the body to heal itself…I do believe that there are times when conventional medicine in needed. But, that is in severe cases.

So…anyway…back to tinctures…

I make tinctures.

I have for years.

Now they are becoming fashionable.

I love being fashionable.

Sure, sometimes I end up staying in what I slept in all day long.

Sure sometimes I am outside covered in anonymous animal poo.

But, then I make a tincture..and I feel fashionable. I take what I can get. Don’t judge me.

This tincture is one I started a few weeks ago.

Me and two of the younger kids, Cade-4, and Kyla-8 (the makeshift dog from yesterdays post), gathered red clover flowers.

I placed them into a mason jar, covered them with vegetable glycerin, put a lid on it, labeled it with the date and what it was, and put it in a dark pantry closet.

I shook it once everyday for three weeks (you can leave it up to six weeks I was just running low on this tincture).

You can also use 90 proof alcohol, but since I was making this for the kids the sweeter taste from vegetable glycerin is preferred.

(Just a side note on the alcohol. We do not drink alcohol. Tinctures are taken in a small dose. Just like you would take a cough medicine…which contains alcohol. Nuff said.)

Anyway…at the end of the three weeks I got out a clean mason jar, and my funnel with a straining attachment (if you don’t have a straining attachment you can use cheesecloth). I dumped in the jar that contained the red clover, glycerin mixture. It looked like this:



Okay, it’s not yummy. However, it is good for a whole host of things, including; coughs, and upset stomach.

The flowers can be steeped into a tea, and are tasty this way. But, the medicinal properties are more concentrated in a tincture.


The liquid will look amber colored. A little like maple syrup. I love maple syrup. This does not taste like maple syrup.

Take a wooden spoon and press the juices out of the herbs.

(Once it is strained I compost the leftovers. You can discard them anyway that floats your boat)

You are left with the amber colored liquid.

Place a cap on it, label it, and place it in the fridge (tastes better cold to the kiddos if they have to take it).

There ya go…easy peasy.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor. You are responsible for your own health, and the health of your children. I am a believer in natural remedies. I am not telling you to believe.

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